Waterfall Pumps shares the importance of Fire Protection in Intersec 2019

Waterfall Pumps Manufacturing joins Intersec the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety and fire protection for the third time. This 3-day event provides opportunity to all exhibitors to demonstrate their capabilities and allows them unveil new products, services and solutions that they could offer. Intersec 2019 started in 20th January 2019 and ended on 22nd of January 2019 and was held in the same place WTC, Dubai UAE.

In this year’s Intersec, Waterfall Pumps Manufacturing was able to introduced a newly developed product WF Fire Pump House (Pre-packaged Fire Systems) which was originally launched and produced locally back in 2018. As we always say one of our major goal is to ensure that the importance of Fire Protection will be known to many. Intersec became a platform for us to share our knowledge to the world in relation to Fire Protection and it gradually help us achieve our goal.

Know more about Waterfall Pumps Manufacturing’s participation in the previous Intersec Expo:

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