Waterfall Pumps introduces WF Fire Pump House (Pre-packaged Fire Systems)

Being able to save lives and protect properties has become our core objective in order to continuously aim for improvement and as part of our ongoing mission to create innovative products that would benefit and bring valued solutions not only to its user but to the whole fire protection industry, Waterfall Pumps has developed a product that will allow its clients to have better option and a solution that will attract people to be more involved in Fire Protection campaign. WF Fire Pump House pre-packaged fire system will definitely be more cost-effective, space and time saving than building a traditional brick-built fire pump room. Designed according to the site or client’s preferences without neglecting the standard requirements. Pre-wired, factory tested and assembled with components that is carefully selected from the most reliable manufacturers across the globe in order to ensure that the best functionality of the equipment will be delivered.

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