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Vertical Turbine Fire Pump (Turbine type) (NFPA 20 Clause & Chapter 7):

A Vertical Turbine pump is a centrifugal pump with rotating impeller or impellers and with discharge from the pumping element coaxial with the shaft. The pumping element is suspended by the conductor system, which encloses a system of vertical shafting used to transmit power to the impellers, the prime mover being external to the flow stream.

Although vertical lineshaft turbine pumps move water up to the discharge flange of the pump, they do not operate under a suction lift condition. The impellers are located in the water supply and force water up to the discharge flange. Because the impellers sit in the water source, these pumps do not require priming.

Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps are specially designed to pump from water source located underground or below deck, where there is no possibility to install a horizontal fire pump. The flexibility of its design allows the use of a wide range of materials. Vertical Turbine Pumps use multistage configuration to meet the specific requirements of the user and can be customized according to specific installation requirements. The space saving vertical design minimizes the floor space requirements. It can be driven by either an electric motor or diesel engine with a full range of options and accessories available to complete the NFPA-compliant fire pump.

Waterfall vertical turbine fire pumps are available in a wide range of flow rates, pressure heads and material of construction.

Basic Requirements for the Pump:

Each pump shall be hydrostatically tested by the manufacturer for a period of not less than 5 minutes.

The test pressure shall not be less than one and one half times (1.5) the sum of the pump’s shutoff head plus its maximum allowable suction head, but in no case shall it be less than 250 psi (17.24 bar).

Pumps shall furnish not less than 150 percent of rated capacity at not less than 65 percent of total rated head.

The shutoff head shall not exceed 140 percent of rated head for any type pump.


1-Certifications & Approvals: UL Listed

2-Compliance to Standards: UL 448, FM 1312, NFPA 20

3-Capacity: 150 GPM up to 2000 GPM

4-Pressure: 49 PSI up to 402 PSI

5-Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz

6-Applications: Sprinkler Systems, Hydrant Systems, Deluge Systems