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Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps (Impeller between Bearings Design) (NFPA 20 Clauses &

A centrifugal pump characterized by a housing that is split parallel to the shaft. With this type of pump, the case in which the shaft and impeller are housed in split in the middle and can be separated. This type of housing allows for easy access for repair or replacement of internal components.

Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps typically offer wide range of hydraulic coverage while operating at higher efficiencies. Rugged, heavy duty construction coupled with superior design features make this type of pumps very reliable while requiring low maintenance. Fully enclosed double suction impellers practically eliminate axial thrust while radial load is equally shared by the bearings located at each end of the shaft. The simplicity of design allows service without disturbing piping at site. It can be driven by either an electric motor or a diesel engine with a full range of options and accessories available to comply fully to NFPA standards. Heavy fabricated steel base plates are used to mount the pump and driver along with flexible coupling which connects driver to pump. Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps are ideal when the source of water is located above the ground as it provides a positive suction pressure to the pump at any performance point.


Basic Requirements for the Pump:

Each pump shall be hydrostatically tested by the manufacturer for a period of not less than 5 minutes.

The test pressure shall not be less than one and one half times (1.5) the sum of the pump’s shutoff head plus its maximum allowable suction head, but in no case shall it be less than 250 psi (17.24 bar).

Pumps shall furnish not less than 150 percent of rated capacity at not less than 65 percent of total rated head.

The shutoff head shall not exceed 140 percent of rated head for any type pump.



1- Certifications & Approvals: UL & FM

2- Compliance to Standards: UL 448, FM 1311, NFPA 20

3- Capacity: 300 GPM up to 3500 GPM

4- Pressure: 81 PSI up to 345 PSI

5- Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz

6- Applications: Sprinkler Systems, Hydrant Systems, Deluge Systems