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Flowmeter – Section 4.22.2

A Flow meter is a device used to measure the flow of a liquid. A Special pipe is run from the discharge side of the pump back to the water supply with a flowmeter and control valve in the line. When testing the pump, the control valve is partially opened to achieve the desired flowrate. The valve is then controlled to record the pump performance at different flow points.

The distance from the flow meter to either isolation valve should be as recommended by the meter manufacturer.* Metering devices or fixed nozzles for pump testing shall be listed. Metering devices or fixed nozzles shall be capable of water flow of not less than 175 percent of rated pump capacity. If the meter system piping is not sized hydraulically, then all of the meter system piping shall be sized as specified by the meter manufacturer but not less than the meter device sizes shown in Section 4.28. When discharging back into a tank, the discharge nozzle(s) or pipe shall be located at a point as far from the pump suction as is