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 Electric Motor Fire Pump Controller NFPA 20 Chapter 10

Fire Pump Controllers are used to monitor and to start and stop fire pump.

Electric-drive controllers monitor power availability and pump status and control the power to the electric motor.

When a controller is set for automatic operation, a pressure transducer is used to transmit the signal to the controller to start the fire pump when the system pressure drops to a preset level.

Starting Method:

The Controller shall be of the combined manual and automatic type designed for any of the below starting method:

1. Across the line type (Direct on-line)

2. Wye-Delta type

3. Soft Starter type

4. Auto Transformer type

Minimum Requirements for Electric Motor Controllers:

The electric motor control panel equipment shall be factory assembled, wired, tested and specifically approved for fire pump service. Combined manual and automatic type to incorporate the following:

a) Isolating Switch

b) Externally Operable, quick breaking disconnect

c) Time delay locked rotor overcurrent Protection set at 600% of motor full load current for 20 seconds

d) Pressure transducer with high and low pressure setting

e) Screen display to indicate circuit breaker closed and power available

f) Phase reversal visible indicator on screen display