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Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controller NFPA 20 Chapter 12

Fire Pump Controllers are used to monitor and to start and stop fire pump.

Engine drive controllers monitor power availability, engine status and send electronic signals to the engine driver. When a controller is set for automatic operation, pressure transducer is used to transmit the signal to the controller to start the fire pump when the system pressure drops to a preset level.

Minimum Requirements for Diesel Engine Controllers

Automatic Engine Controllers shall be assembled, wired and tested at the factory and specifically approved for fire pump service. The following minimum features shall be incorporated:


1- Screen display to indicate controller in automatic position

2- Alarm bell and screen display to indicate low oil pressure, high jacket water temperature, failure to start, shutdown for over speed battery failure and battery charger failure

3- Pressure Recorder

4- Battery Charger

5- Pressure transducer with high and low settings

6- Weekly test timer